Dr. Johanna Witte

Senior Researcher     


Lazarettstr. 67
80636 Munich

Tel.: + 49 (0)89 21234-421
E-Mail: Witte (at)




Johanna Witte studied Economics at Humboldt University in Berlin and Maastricht University in the Netherlands, from where she obtained a Masters degree in International Economics. She also holds an MA in International Education from the University of Sussex in England and a PhD in Public Policy from CHEPS (the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies) at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. From 2000-2007, she worked for the think tank and consultancy CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) in Guetersloh, Germany, first as assistant to the director and then as project manager. Since 2007, she is senior researcher at IHF. Her research areas are the Bologna process, change of higher education systems in international perspective, higher education policy and governance, curriculum reform and the student experience. Currently she is working on academic careers in different academic cultures and on the cooperation of university and non-university higher education institutions in supervising and granting joint PhDs.


Current projects

Evaluation of joint PhDs in the „Bayerisches Wissenschaftsforum“ (Bavarian Research Platform, BayWISS)

Study on academic career paths in different disciplinary cultures for the Bundesbericht Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs (BuWiN) 2021 (National report on academic careers 2021)


Selected publications

Reimer, M., Witte, J., Lenz, T., & Banschbach, V. (2021): Fachkulturen und wissenschaftliche Karrieren. Studie im Rahmen des Bundesberichts Wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs (BuWiN) 2021. Berlin: BMBF. 

Witte, J., Sandfuchs, G., Mittag, S. & Brummerloh, S. (2011): Stand und Perspektiven bayerischer Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge. Studien zur Hochschulforschung 82. München: Bayerisches Staatsinstitut für Hochschulforschung und Hochschulplanung.  

Witte, J. (2009). Parallel universes and common themes: Reforms of curricular governance in the Bologna context. In: Amaral, A.; Neave, G.; Musselin, C.; Maassen, P. (Hrsg.). The European Higher Education Area: Various Perspectives on the Complexities of a Multi-level Governance System. Series: Higher Education Dynamics, Vol. 26, S. 229-256, Springer: Dordrecht.

Witte, J., Huisman, J., und Van der Wende, M. (2008). Blurring boundaries: How the Bologna process changes the relationship between university and non-university higher education in Germany, the Netherlands, and France. Studies in Higher Education 33 (3), 217-231.

Witte, J. (2006). Change of Degrees and Degrees of Change: Comparing Adaptations of European Higher Education Systems in the Context of the Bologna Process. Promotionsschrift. CHEPS/Universität Twente: Enschede.